You’ve come up with what you think is a cool idea for a business, but what do you do with that idea, how do you find out if the idea is a viable concept?  

What are the next steps you need to take to find out if this idea has a chance at becoming a reality? You have never been in business for yourself before, what do you do next?

If these are a few of the questions you have in mind, then you are “Business Curious”!  And, Greater Bridgeport SCORE is a great place to start finding the answers to these questions.

Step 1: Look for resources on our web site. There are online videos and courses covering small business topics available in SCORE University. There are also a wide variety of documents, templates and handbooks to download or view in SCORE University's library.

Step 2: Sign up for one of our small business workshops.  SCORE offers a wealth of workshops and seminars to help the business curious entrepreneur. These workshops are presented live at convenient locations throughout the Greater Bridgeport Connecticut area.

Step 3: Sign up for a mentoring session. One of our volunteer counselors will guide you through the thought process to build a business plan.